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Ise Grand ShrineMie

Japan’s native Shinto faith is a key part of its traditional culture. A notable feature of Shinto is the large number of deities, and there are said to be 8 million of them. The chief place of worship for the most exalted of those divinities, Amaterasu, is Ise Grand Shrine. The shrine (jinja) is imbued with a real sense of mystery. It is a power spot and has the natural ability to leave all visitors feeling positively energized. Wandering around on its peaceful gravel paths with the birds in the trees is a complete delight. Ritual ablutions are an essential part of Shinto practice, and at Ise Grand Shrine you can use the water in its basins to wash away all impurities.
Food lovers are certain to enjoy a trip to Ise. Spiny lobsters are known in Japan as Ise ebi, and the area is closely associated with this fine seafood. Many restaurants around the shrine allow you to enjoy the specialty. Visitors should also be sure to buy Akafuku mochi (rice cakes) and shrimp crackers to take back home as presents.

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Shanghai District Office
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