Cape Muroto

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Cape Muroto (室戸岬, Muroto-zagi) is located in the eastern part of Kochi Prefecture, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. With large rocks decorating the coastline, rough waters and an array of legends of Kuukan, a Buddhist priest who lived in a cave near the cape seeking enlightenment in the 8th and 9th centuries, it has become a popular tourist spot where visitors can experience the natural wonder of the Earth. A spectacular feature of Cape Muroto’s coastline is its unusual rock formations shaped by the colliding waters known since ancient times, and coupled with an abundance of subtropical flowers and beach plants, the area was designated Muroto-Anan Coastal National Park in 1964. Then, in 2011, the geological park Deep Sea World became the latest attraction of Cape Muroto. Blessed with scenic beauty and deep seawater, Deep Sea World offers a wide range of facilities for stress reduction and illness prevention, and the thalasso-therapy (deep seawater treatments) available there are renowned for their promising health benefits.

Cape Muroto also features a picturesque walking course, which winds its way around the cape’s tip for 1.4 kilometers taking in nearby Cape Ashizuri and stunning subtropical flora and reefs. Whale watching and boat tours are also on offer, where, except for the typhoon season between July and September, sperm whales and schools of dolphins are a common sight.

copyright: Kochi Prefecture

Standing high and fine on the tip of the cape and visible from 56 kilometers offshore, Cape Muroto’s iron-constructed white lighthouse is the largest in Japan and the symbol of the area. The lens of the lighthouse has the longest visible distance of any in Japan at 26.5 nautical miles (roughly 49 kilometers). Thanks to its historical worth and providing countless ships with safe passage during its 100 years of operation, it has been chosen among Japan’s top 50 lighthouses.

How to get there

By public transportation
Take the Gomen Nahari Line and get off the train at Nahari Station. Then take the Kochi Tobu bus bound for Koura for approximately 1 hour.

By car
Exit at the Nangoku Interchange and drive for about 2 hours.

Address: Cape Muroto, Muroto City, Kochi Prefecture

Airport: Kochi Airport


Open all year

Parking is available for up to 20 cars free of charge

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