A place north of Mount Aso on National Route 212 that looks out over the peaks of Aso. This spot is a must-see if you're visiting the Aso area. The view from Daikanbo of the five peaks of Aso is called "Nehanzo," meaning the image of the dying Buddha, because of its resemblance to the Buddha lying in repose. Mount Neko is the face, Mount Taka the chest, and Mount Naka the belly. The magnificent scenery so impressed Soho Tokutomi when he visited this area in 1932 that he named it Daikanbo, or "panorama ridge." Early in the morning around autumn, when the air is clear, you may even see Nehanzo floating in a sea of clouds.

Address: Yamada, Aso

Airport: Kumamoto Airport


About 35 minutes by bus from JR Aso Station (get off at Daikanbo Iriguchi)

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