Warm spring welcome by 200 beautiful blooming Sakura trees

The region of Kyushu is found in the southwest part of Japan. Chikugo City is part of Fukuoka Prefecture, located in northern Kyushu and is the site of the famous Asakura Yutsuki Shrine cherry trees.

From the “Torii” gates to the shrine building is a 120 meter path, along which around 200 Someiyoshino (a type of cherry tree) have been planted. The view is spectacular, with the cherry blossoms, Chikugo River, and the hills beyond providing a splendid contrast. The site is also famous for cherry blossom night viewing, with bonfires and lanterns to provide natural light to the flowering trees. The Cherry Blossom Festival is an annual celebration, with outdoor tea ceremony and wild boar soup served for participants to enjoy.

How to get there

40 minutes on JR Kyudai Main track from Kurume Statiuon. Get off at Chikugo Ohishi Station. 50 minute walk.

Address: Hakikoga, Asakura, Fukuoka Prefecture

Airport: Fukuoka Airport

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