Shiroi Koibito no Oka (White Lovers' Hill)

Shiroi Koibito no Oka is so named for its view of the mountainous backdrop, which closely resembles that depicted on the packaging of "Shiroi Koibito," a well-known brand of cookies from Hokkaido.
It is also a popular viewpoint for the conical shape of Mount Rishiri, the symbol of the island. Couples who propose here are issued with a proposal certificate approved by Ishiya, the maker of Shiroi Koibito cookies. (Proof of proposal, such as photos, are required in order to receive a certificate.)

Address: Oniwaki, Oniwaki, Rishirifuji-cho, Rishiri-gun, Hokkaido, 097-0101

Airport: Rishiri Airport


Phone Number:
0163-82-2201 (Rishirifuji Tourist Information Center)

Sapporo (Okadama Airport) to Rishiri Island: 1 round-trip flight per day, lasting 55 minutes each way.
Walk for 20 minutes from Wakkanai Station to Wakkanai Ferry Terminal, then take the ferry for approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes to Oshidomari Ferry Terminal. From there, it takes 40 minutes by car.

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