The Townscape of Sawara

The townscape of Sawara, known as the "Little Edo of Hokuso," retains the character of its days as a mercantile city so prosperous that it was immortalized in the song lyrics, "Come to Sawara if you want to see Edo, as Sawara Honmachi is even more Edo than Edo." Its people adopted Edo practices, and refined them into their own distinct culture. Traces of the townscape from these days can still be found along the banks of the Ono River and on the streets of Katori today. In recognition of this well-preserved historic scenery and urban development efforts that take advantage of it, in December 1996 this was the first area in the Kanto region designated as an Important Preservation District for a Group of Historic Buildings. Many of Sawara's important historic buildings are family businesses that have been passed down over the generations and still remain in operation, so it is valued as a "living townscape." In addition to the former residence of Tadataka Ino (built in 1793, and designated as a national historic site), there are eight locations (13 buildings) designated as cultural properties by the prefecture. Another popular attraction is the landscape peeking through the willow trees as seen from the sappa boats that run along the Ono River.

Address: Along the Ono River and streets of Katori, Katori, Chiba Prefecture (Nationally-selected Important Preservation District for a Group of Historic Buildings)

Airport: Narita International Airport


15 minutes walk from JR Narita Line Sawara Station

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