Tokushima Ramen

With more than 100 ramen restaurants, including many located close to the main train station, the city of Tokushima makes it easy for visitors to try the delicious local ramen dish of the same name. What sets Tokushima ramen apart is the color of its soup, which is either brown, yellow or white, and is made from soy sauce and pork bones. Tokushima ramen is known for its use of moderately thin and soft noodles, and generally comes with sliced pork, green onions, bean sprouts and a raw egg (in contrast to the hard or soft boiled eggs found in other styles of ramen). Each ramen restaurant in Tokushima possesses its own unique recipe, and sells ramen kits so visitors can take a taste of Tokushima back home with them.

Address: 1-61 Nishi-terashimahoncho, Tokushima City

Airport: Tokushima Airport


JR Tokushima Station is served by the JR Kotoku and Mugi Lines

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