Eiheiji Temple

Eiheiji Temple, meaning the "temple of eternal peace", is located deep in the mountains, close to Fukui City. Eiheiji Temple was founded in the 13th century by Dogen, a Japanese Zen Buddhist teacher who established Soto, the largest of the three traditional sects of Japanese Zen Buddhism. Upon founding Eiheiji Temple, he devoted himself to training his followers in the perfection of Zen practice in every action of daily life. Even today, both priests and lay people devote themselves to his practice of zazen, sitting meditation. There is a disciplinary hall which gives visitors the chance to practice Zen meditation and stay to experience some of the ascetic disciplines of the monks.

Address: 5-15, Shihi, Eiheiji town, Yoshida District, Fukui

Airport: Komatsu Airport


8:30 to 16:00

Adults or high school students:500 yen
Elementary or junior high school students:200 yen

To get to Eiheiji Temple, take the Keifuku Eiheijisen bus from JR Fukui Station and get off at Echizen.

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