Historic Castle Town Ruins of the Ichijodani Asakura Clan

The historic ruins of this castle town, which was under the control of the Ichijodani Asakura clan, are located in the town of Kidonouchi in Fukui. For 103 years, the Asakura clan ruled the area during the Sengoku period. The castle town was founded in 1471 and became a major cultural, military, and population center in Japan. However the town was burnt down in 1573 when Oda Nobunaga defeated the Asakura clan. In 1967, excavation began to reveal the whole layout of the town, including the house of the lord, samurai residences, temples, houses of merchants and craft workers, as well as the streets. Located at the ruins are partially restored Japanese gardens originating from the time of the Asakura clan, which offers visitors a hill-top view of Ichijodani Castle ruins, providing a scenic view of Fukui.

Address: 28-37, Kidonochicho, Fukui city, Fukui

Airport: Komatsu Airport


9:00 to 17:00. Last entry is at 16:30. Closed from December 28 - January 4

From Ichijodani Station, it is a 10-minute walk to the castle ruins.

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