Roppongi Hills Keyakizaka Galaxy Illumination

A new color extravaganza for the Keyakizaka illuminations
The illumination at Roppongi's Keyakizaka-dori signals the arrival of winter in Tokyo and Roppongi. This year, two completely different illumination displays are on show! The first is the traditional "SNOW & BLUE" using white and blue LEDs. The second is "CANDLE & RED," which uses red and light bulb-colored LEDs to produce a warm hue. You'll also find hearts hidden among the illuminations, as well as new and unique designs at locations such as 66 Plaza. It should be an even more romantic spot than usual.

By public transportation
Right next to Roppongi station on the Tokyo Metro lines

Address: Roppongi Hills, 6 Minato-ku, Tokyo

Airport: Haneda Airport

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