Otesuji is the main street in the town around Kochi Castle, where the warriors of Kazutoyo Yamauchi's clan once took leisurely strolls. It runs for 1.3 km from the Ote gate of Kochi Castle, and is lined with massive camphor laurels and windmill palms. Each Sunday about half of the street is closed off to vehicle traffic, and tented stalls are put up on both sides of the road for the weekly market. Every week there are about 500 stalls, and the street bustles with over 15,000 shoppers. This is the Nichiyoichi, a market with a lively atmosphere that wouldn't be out of place somewhere in Southeast Asia. The Nichiyoichi is a street market with a history of over 300 years, stretching back to the Edo period. It is held each Sunday from early morning to evening. A wealth of products can be bought there, from vegetables and fruit, to flowers, garden plants, and everyday sundries. Conversation with the sellers, who often produce the products themselves, usually takes place in the Tosa dialect, giving you a glimpse of local Kochi life. A trip here to shop and sample local delicacies will make you understand why they say you don't know Kochi until you've seen the Nichiyoichi. There is no better place to savor the abundant produce of Kochi, so this should be on your list of places to see. Smaller street markets are also held in different places on other days.

How to get there

10 minutes on foot from JR Kochi Station, or 3 minutes by Tosaden from JR Kochi Station, and 1 minute on foot from Hasuike-machidori

Address: Otesuji 1-chome to 2-chome, Kochi

Airport: Kochi Airport

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