Eiheiji Zen Tofu

Sachiya restaurant, known as the home of Eiheiji Zen Tofu, is found on top of a small hill at the entrance of Eiheiji Temple. Sachiya offers healthy dishes using tofu made in the morning from freshly squeezed soy milk, sesame tofu and seasonal vegetables. A particular recommendation is the 100% homemade tofu made from soy milk freshly squeezed from sachiyutaka, local soy beans. There’s also a variety of delicious tofu made at a local factory, soy milk desserts and tofu chocolate, which received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize. Sachiya also offers a number of popular side dishes such as Shiraae, a soy and spinach specialty, and Tsukudani, soy milk skin.

Address: 41-53-1, Kyozen, Eiheiji town Yoshida district, Fukui

Airport: Komatsu Airport


10:00 to 16:00. Last order: 14:30

About 25 minutes from Fukui station using the Keihuku Bus until Keyaki Dai Station and 5min. walk to Sachiya.

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