Tojinbo is a rugged cliff eroded by the violent waves on the coast of the Sea of Japan, located within Echizen-Kaga Quasi-National Park. The cliff is designated a Precious National Monument and stretches for over 1km. A rock pillar made of the columnar jointing of pyroxene andesite is the only one of its kind in Japan, and one of only three known in the whole world. One especially dynamic site is the lagoon featuring a 25m-height cliff called “Tojinbo Oike”, which can be seen from a pleasure boat, as well as from Tojinbo Tower. Come winter, you can observe the natural wonder that is nami-no-hana, the flowers of waves, which occur when waves are caught in the reefs and churned into bubbles that ferocious winds then fan up in to the air.

Address: Mikunicho Anto, Sakai city, Fukui

Airport: Komatsu Airport


Tojinbo Tower 9:00 to 17:00. Closed December 31 and January 1.

Adults (Junior high school students or older):
Individual: 500 yen, Group: 400 yen
Individual: 300 yen, Group: 250 yen

15 minutes from Mikuni Station on the Echizen Railway Mikuni Awara Line by the bus bound for Tojinbo. Get off at Tojinbo Bus stop.

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