Yoshiwara Gion Matsuri

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Every year in June second Saturday and Sunday

With a history reaching back more than 300 years, this popular festival, known as "Otenno-san" by locals, has its roots in the famous Kyoto Gion Festival. Throughout the festival, 21 decorated floats from each section of town, as well as mikoshi (portable shrines), are paraded through the streets by energetic locals, accompanied by lively music and cheering. After dusk the neighborhood teams often have a “showdown,”with fast-paced dancing, drumming and other stunts in order to outshine the other local teams. The Yoshiwara Gion Matsuri is also known for featuring a tremendous number of food stalls where festival-goerscan buy snacks and beverages to enjoy while watching the action. More than 200 stalls stretch the nearly 1km length of the festival route.

Hours: Early afternoon – late evening

Admission: Free

Address: Yoshiwara-honcho Street, Fuji City, Shizuoka

Airport: Shizuoka Airport


Yoshiwara, Fuji City, Shizuoka

0 minute walk from Yoshiwara Honcho Station, Gakunan Railway Line

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