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Located around the center of Japan's northernmost main island of Hokkaido, Biei is a small town surrounded by a picturesque landscape of gently rolling hills and vast fields.
A pleasant way to enjoy the charm of Biei is by cycling or driving around those hills and admiring the fields of flowers and magnificent trees.

Thanks to its beauty, Biei attracts many painters and photographers. Their works appear in books, postcards and posters, and local scenes have been used in films and TV commercials.
I went to Biei in winter and was so impressed by its loveliness. The sky was blue, and the fields of flowers were covered with thick snow like cream. Small red houses added a vivid touch to the white scene. The most inspiring sight was seeing the sun sparkling on the snow.

To visit the hills around Biei, you should rent a car or hire a taxi at the travel information center. However, visitors need to remember that the local hills are private property, and they should take photos only from the roadside. Whenever you go to Biei, you will not be disappointed.

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