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Autumn Fireworks in InbanumaChiba

Many years ago, I read about a fireworks festival taking place near where I was staying in Narita. It was close to the airport, and so you could see the fireworks from the airplane. Fireworks festivals in Japan are usually held in summer, but in Inbanuma the event takes place in autumn, when the weather is perfect. Almost 10,000 fireworks are launched, and it is the most impressive display I have ever seen.
Rather than at a riverside or on a beach, the Inbanuma display is held in a field. The fireworks are spectacular, and the shapes created — even dancing ones — match the accompanying music. The detailed planning that goes into such a display is amazing, even though it lasts a relatively short time. It is no surprise that Japanese fireworks displays are ranked among the best in the world. That display is truly remarkable, and I have fond memories of it.
If you have chance to come to Japan in autumn, you should not miss this event. Besides watching the fireworks, you can enjoy local food at the festival.

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