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Hedgehog Café HarryTokyo

The hedgehog is rather an exotic animal in Japan. Among the various popular animal cafés in Tokyo, there is one where customers can relax and enjoy a cup of tea while playing with the spiky creatures. The café is surprisingly located in the popular entertainment district of Roppongi. Before visiting the place, you have to make a reservation several weeks in advance, and the hedgehog experience usually costs 2,800 yen an hour.
If you encounter an unfriendly hedgehog at the café, it may prick you. But if you meet a lazy or greedy one, you get to pet and feed it and take pictures. The first hedgehog we came across was sleepy and did not want to be properly awoken. It was tense, which made its spines prickly. We then got one that was very mild tempered and let us hold it while it slept. We took many unforgettable pictures. If you have the time and interest, there is also Ms. Bunny café on the first floor of the same building, where you can pet rabbits at an inexpensive rate.

Name:Zhu Jieyi (Rachel)

Shanghai District Office
Cabin Attendant Section

Address: Iwahori Building 2F, 6-7-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tel: +81-3-3404-8100

HOURS: noon–8 p.m.

ACCESS: 1-minute walk from Roppongi Station (Hibiya Line)

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