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Taste the Season with OmotenashiTokyo

Having been serving JAL for over twenty years, I have been to Japan many times. I love many fields of Japanese culture such as food, fashion, movie, animation, etc… Among my various favorites about Japan, the best is the food.

Last autumn(2013), I traveled Japan with a friend of mine who had never been to Japan. So I decided to introduce her delicious taste of Japanese food with Omotenashi. Do you know the meaning of "Omotenashi"? Let me say it simply the original Japanese style of guest reception.

From former days, the Japanese food is very enjoyable and popular with Korean people. Another friend of mine who has lived in Tokyo for many years recommended a restaurant named Umenohana (plum blossom), since she was very satisfied with all the dishes and services there. With many branches in Japan, Umenohana is famous for its Kaiseki cuisine with traditional Japanese hospitality.

The chilly autumn in Japan made us want to taste something warm and delicious. Umenohana was just the place fitting into this season. Our selection for this time was Tofu dishes served in traditional Kaiseki Style. Tofu is well-known as very healthy food, so I didn't hesitate to try it at Umenohana.

We made a reservation in advance for a quiet meal time in a private room. When we entered the room and were seated, the waitress in kimono (Japanese traditional garment) put our overcoats and bags in good order for us. It looked as if she read our tired mind and tried to make us relax. Then she started to explain the menu politely and served us with gentle smile all the way.

  • table mat

I found one interesting sentence on the table mat featuring the autumn season. It reads "the leaves are turned red because of being shy". I really like the sentence as it shows the master of the restaurant is paying attention to the seasons and expressing it to customers mindfully.

  • appetizer

All dishes were served one by one without rush. The waitress introduced every dish to us timely. Seasonal ingredients were in use and exquisitely arranged by the chef. The highlight of our menu was Tofu. Tofu became popular now, but most of us rarely see the process of Tofu making. In Umenohana, you can experience preparing Tofu by yourselves in front of you while enjoying your dinner.

  • tofu

Tofu was done faster than my expectation. Two kinds of sources were served with it. One was made of vegetables, while the other was made of meat. The sources were lukewarm, which matched with hot Tofu. Tofu itself was very soft and really delicious, but it became more greatly tasty with the sources. One swallow of it could make your body get warm enough at once.

After sightseeing in autumn, when you feel chilly and get tired, why not having a rest and satisfying your appetite at Umenohana?

Perfectly soft and delicious Tofu cuisine served with Japanese Omotenashi is waiting for you there. ^^

Name: Eunkyung Lee

From: Korea
Current section: Passenger Ticketing/Reservation Section, Seoul Office


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