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The Blooming Beauty - Sakura

Japan has four distinct seasons, which offer you different views and atmospheres to enjoy throughout a year. Not only the country itself is beautiful, but also the history, culture, and people make it special. There is so much to share from all my adventures in Japan. This time, let me share a MUST SEE attraction for your first visit to Japan. Hopefully, my experience will have you returning for more excitement and fun.

In my opinion, spring is usually the best time to travel. In spring, the most famous activity in Japan can be described as Hanami (blossom-viewing). People will gather together and hold picnics under Sakura (cherry blossom) trees. Sakura is no doubt a memorable flower in Japan. You may have seen it as a symbolism of Japan in movies. Since Sakura blooms unpretentiously and the buds are held tightly together, many people see this as a perfect representation of Japanese spirit.

In 2014, I was lucky to have a chance to visit Mt. Yoshino during the Sakura blooming season. Mt. Yoshino is located in Nara Prefecture and registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is well known as the site for the best cherry blossoms in Japan. It has a beautiful view with deep history. In the old days, poets sometimes used Mt. Yoshino as the subject in their poems to praise the beauty of Sakura.

You can also walk along the mountain path and visit various World Heritage temples including Yoshino Mikumari Shrine, Kinpu Shrine, Kinpusenji Temple and Yoshimizu Temple. There are more than thirty thousand Sakura trees out of approximately 200 varieties covering the mountain. “Hitome Senbon” is an expression meaning you can view a thousand Sakura trees at a glance. During my trip, I took a rest on the way and immersed myself to this magnificent view while enjoying my lunch box. The amazement is hard to describe through words alone. You will realize what I mean immediately when you see it by yourself.

Furthermore, Sakura blooms from the end of March till late April depending on the altitude. As long as there is one month, you need not worry about missing the exact moment in time to visit. The fantastic view will last a while; moreover, Sakura viewing at night is also not to be missed. During a particular period of Sakura season every year, Mt. Yoshino is lighted up to show the Sakura in a glorious way. Sakura trees are like dancing in the wind; and playing hide and seek in the light and dark.

The beauty of Sakura always attracts many visitors from different countries. By now I hope you are tempted, so what are you waiting for? Quickly arrange your next trip to Japan and see the Sakura by yourself!!!

Name: Sammy Tsai

From: Taiwan
Current section: Senior Sales Representative, Taipei Office

Mountain Yoshino

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