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Kanazawa - popular destination in Hokuriku

Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture, located in Hokuriku area of Japan, has been becoming more popular since the opening of Hokuriku Shinkansen (Hokuriku Bullet train line) in March 2015.

I made my trip to Kanazawa in July 2015. It was an hour flight from Tokyo's Haneda Airport to Komatsu Airport, and then about 40 minutes by bus from Komatsu Airport to Kanazawa.

After arriving in Kanazawa, visitors can buy one day pass (500 yen for adults and a half price for elementary school children), which is eligible for taking the Kanazawa loop bus and Kenrokuen shuttle as many times as you wish in a day. Using this pass is simple and easy way to reach almost all of Kanazawa's attractions. The pass can be bought at the Hokutetsu ticket office or on the Kanazawa loop bus itself.

I visited the Kanazawa Castle as a start of my journey. The history of Kanazawa Castle can be traced back to the era more than 460 years ago. When I walked close to the territory of the Castle, the sliver lead roof tiles of the Castle leaped to my eyes. It was my first time to see many lead roof tiles used in the buildings of Japanese castles. As if it was putted on a white wedding dress, provided a graceful looks and delivered a relaxing feeling with a peace of mind. Though most of current architectures were rebuilt, it is still worthy to see those buildings that have been restored using the traditional wooden frame construction method.

My second stop is the Kenrokuen Garden near the Ishikawamon Gate of Kanazawa Castle. Kenrokuen Garden is one of three great gardens in Japan. Its name was derived from a classical Chinese book about famous gardens, represents possessing six features for a magnificent landscape. Visitors are able to enjoy its beauty in every season.

Lastly, I went to Higashi Chayagai, which is the most famous Chaya district in Kanazawa with many historical Ochaya designated as Japan's culture asset. Ochaya means "tea house" in English but actually it was a formal meeting place for customers to be entertained by geisha and always served with sake but not tea. Higashi Chayagai is a good place for travelers to enjoy strolling and experience Japanese history and culture.

Kanazawa is also blessed with a variety of local foodstuffs. If you have chance to visit Kanazawa, I recommend you to savor Jibuni, a thickened stew with duck coated in flour, wheat gluten, and seasonal vegetables.

Name: Jian Yang

From: Shanghai
Current section: Corporate News Group, Public Relations


Address: Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture

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