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Tokyo Game Show

It's my first time to join in TGS (Tokyo Game Show) on site instead of watching video through the screen in SEP16. Although there should be many fans as I can imagine, I was still surprised when I arrived at the exhibition. It deserves a famous game show that not only the locals, but also the gamers from all over the world are together here.

TGS is held in Kaihinmakuhari (Chiba-Ken). Although arriving 2 hours early, there were a lot of people queuing up for open. Too many wonderful games in recent years such as “Ryu ga gotoku 6”, “The last guardian”, “Nioh”, “Biohazard 7”, “NieR:Automata”, “Final Fantasy XV”, “Horizon: Zero Dawn” etc. Although a part of them delayed for a few years (some even almost 10 years…), it is also because of that, players have a strong desire to enjoy the game as soon as possible.

Not only the games which will be released recently, but also the releasing games are being advertised. However I believe gamers are paying more attention to the games which haven’t been released yet. So playing the demo is a main target of the people who are in TGS.

In fact I would like to try the games such as “Final Fantasy XV” or “Horizon: Zero Dawn”. However these games are too popular and queues are too long to play in a short time. So I focused my eyes to “Berserk Musou”.

If you are a fan of “Berserk”, you won’t be unfamiliar with this game. Original comic are serialized for 27 years and still not finished yet, but the memorable characters and the story with ups and downs attract the readers of all ages. Especially with the movie and the animated version releasing, it became a hot trend among the new ACG fans.

Demo was about 7-10 minutes. As a game for the comic fans, it reproduces a lot of wonderful scenes which from original comic (Although on my individual opinion, some other game styles instead of Musuo maybe more popular with gamers, but being a mighty warrior is also not bad!).

I then hang out in other booths and demo zones, the exhibition ends in a flash but I was still lost in the scene. There are also some booths which introduced the history of some series games. I believe it could help some faithful fans to pick up the moving moment some years ago.

If you are keen on playing games or just interested in it, you won’t be disappointed with this carnival!

Name: Xihan Wang

From: Shanghai, China
Current section: Overseas e-Commerce and Marketing, Web Sales Department, Tokyo

Tokyo Game Show (Makuhari Messe)

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